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Before and After Implementing a Content Management System: My Experience At GE Healthcare

Presentation delivered at DocTrain East 2007 by Jeanette Eichholz, GE Healthcare -- Your department will never be the same after implementing a content management system (CMS). Things your writers wouldn’t let go of are forgotten without a backward glance. And, management won’t even remember having to explain the huge translation budget.Winning your team over is the most important challenge you will face as you implement a CMS. Let’s face it, change scares everyone. Do your writers cling to owning documents from start to finish; to seeing the pages as they’re writing; to touching the paper and viewing the CD upon completion? And, is management bravely running away from the costs you’re putting in front of them to implement the new paradigm that is content management? Understanding the differences before and after implementing a CMS will help you calm everyone’s fears and help them to prepare for-- and look forward to—the implementation.If you know what these differences are, and the cost benefits you will derive, you can avoid encountering apparently unconquerable hurdles during this transition. But more importantly, you can more easily win over your entire team if you understand the before and after picture very clearly.In this Management Summit session you will learn about: * Individual vs. collaborative team writing processes * Redundant content vs. content reuse strategy * Expensive program costs vs. sharing costs between teams * Multiple translation memories vs. leveraging a translation memory between teams * Manual vs. automated publishing tools * Unstructured vs. structured Writing * Unique publications (for training, tech pubs, marketing) vs. repurposing content between teams * Working in your own “bubble” vs. partnering on writing projects * Unique templates and processes vs. creating common style guides and SOPs * Paying extra for saying something 10 different ways vs. controlled writing * Inconsistent content vs. increased accuracy, consistency, and quality

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