Industry Software
Founded Scotland (1989)
Headquarters Isle of Skye, United Kingdom
Key people
Campbell Grant, Managing director
Chris Eckl, CTO

Sitekit CMS


Sitekit CMS is a web content management system developed by Sitekit Solutions Ltd, a software vendor producing non-technical web based tools on the .NET platform.[1]


Sitekit CMS was developed by Sitekit Solutions Ltd founded in 1989 by Campbell Grant to specialise in computer control systems in the energy sector.[2] By 1994, the company began to focus on Internet, e-business and multimedia solutions. In 1999, the company started to develop a set of software tools to provide complete control over website management which led to the launch of Sitekit CMS v1, in 2000 at CeBIT in Hanover.

In November 2006, Sitekit CMS version 7 was released, this version focused on neutral natural Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), usability, and website accessibility compliance. In 2009 Sitekit CMS v9 was launched which introduced a ribbon style editing interface and more advanced editing features, designed to give editors a more familiar editing environment and make the software more application like. In 2010 Sitekit Solutions Ltd reported a record year of growth.[3] In the same year Sitekit CMS 9.0 passed Microsoft's applications testing whilst renewing a Gold-status Partnership with Microsoft, ensuring that Sitekit CMS works on the latest Microsoft platform and providing access to more hosting options.[4] The latest version Sitekit CMS 10, was released in March 2014.[5]


The most recent version of Sitekit CMS, Version 10 is built on Microsoft.NET and embodies Sitekit's focus on interoperability and scalability while maintaining usability for non-technical users[6][7]


Earlier versions of Sitekit CMS had notable users in the transport and local government industries. Today more than 300 private and public sector organizations websites are powered by Sitekit CMS. This includes Sitekit CMS powered websites for organisations such as NHS England[8] and multinationals such as Tyco/ADT.[9]

Sitekit Labs

Sitekit Labs was launched on June 12, 2008 and the opening was performed by videolink from Boston, Massachusetts by Mike Grandinetti of MIT Sloan School of Management.[10]

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